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Detecting Whose Who?

As soon as I realize that my struggles are not against people, but against people without bodies, called ” wicked spirits,” Identified as the Prince of Darkness who loves to keep our spirit’s irritated, upset, and unhappy.  I stopped taking personal attacks in my life made directly against me as serious.

I really don’t care to rehash my baggage check incidents but as usual it was an uplifting spiritual lesson for me. A Wow God moment! It was seven o’ clock. I was flying out of Los Angeles airport going to Sacramento no matter what I just wanted to get home rain, sleet, or hail. My flight had been delayed way to many times.

I am a morning person but my spirit loves the peace and quiet in the morning. As I got to the baggage check lined I observed the baggage check attendants behaviors towards all the customers a bit disturbing and a little intimidating . I notice one man being escorted out of the line into a tiny room for having something in his suitcase. When it was my turn to go through the metal detector went off.  I made a comment and the two guards  immediately questioned me.

” What did you just say in a police voice that shocks my quiet peaceful morning attitude out of me, says the two guards at the exact same time.”  My response is it’s-it must be my jewelery I got on that’s setting the metal detectors off. I felt violated at this point for talking it was nerve wrecking.

I went through the metal detectors the second time I was so upset I had to say a couple of prayers to calm my nerves that’s when I heard my holy spirit in me speak these exact words.

Your struggles are not really against the people who just offended you,  but against people without bodies, called ” wicked spirits,” Identified as the Prince of Darkness who loves to keep your spirit irritated and unhappy.  After I heard this revelation I immediately stopped taking this personal attack made directly against me so serious.

Now I realize sometimes I no longer have to open my mouth and waste my words on a person who chooses to act ignorantly towards me in my public, or in my private life. I can choose to walk away and talk to God about it instead. I find that nonverbal communication can be just as strong as venting ones verbal frustration.

Thank you Father for giving me the gift of your holy spirit without it I know I’m lost.