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Doing The Right Thing even When It Hurts

Praise God for His righteous, because when your under His authority you can’t go wrong. Abide In His word and you will have the victory over all your battles. Victory over your finances, victory over your relationships, victory over Imageyour health, and your children Amen! Pray this prayer with me Father God I need your wisdom and strength to help me make the best decisions for everyone Involved, and to not have fear, or allow myself to be trampled over by people.


God Revitalize My Heart


It’s a wonderful feeling when God revitalize the heart and replenish the spirit with His divine spirit. His spirit of love,hope, faith, and trust Is what set us above all the other things God created. And God loves you so much that He gives his very best gifts to you. I thank God for being brought back Into alignment with God’s word for His spirit Is an awesome blessing.

What do most people do when God presence Himself ?  How do you use your love, hope, and trust In building healthy relationships?  An open heart to God’s word will Instruct us on how to love, build healthy relationships, and how to use these gifts. When we allow God to be our guiding light no weapon formed against you will prosper. God Is the author and creator of all the blessings that happen In your life.  Jas 1:7 good gift…perfect gifts”.

When God blew the breadth of life Into your soul He also blessed you. He also open your heart and hands to help other too Increase their faith, hope, and trust In him. Sometimes we forget what God’s expectations are for us,and all the miraculous things that God has already done for us.

We forget how He’s the one that gave us life In the first place. Gen 1:28 And God created us, In the Image office Him male and female.” If God has the power to wake you, and decide when your last day on earth will be then why should we take God’s love for granted?

When God grants forgiveness, favor, and mercy upon our life we should be jumping up for joy and thanking Him. It Is by God’s will that he gives us the strength to want to redirect our loss spirit back Into alignment with Him. We all know that deep down Inside of our soul that God always knows what’s best for us.

When your heart Is open to God’s word, He can step In and do what He needs to do In your life according to His purpose and plan to make His kingdom work…and your life a lot easier. We should be thanking God for allowing us to use His strength and His visions.

Coming next….Why do people without Christ throughout the world live with a great amount of fear and anxiety about life?

Really That’s The way Of The World…Worldly?

What good Is a person If they follow the world’s view-point on life only to gain tons of negative karma, In their old age, or when they could have been at the top of their game? No one can sabotage a person success faster than their own greed. Jesus replies, ” If you only knew the gifts God has for you … , you would ask me and I would give you… In others words pray and ask God for what ever you need first ,that way when you get It, you’ll know It was given to you by Him.

It belongs to Him anyway.  Everything created On earth belongs to God whether you want to believe It or not. You can take credit for your own design, but God gave you the idea, He gave you gifts of…, the talents to create…, to produce…, and design whatever your working on. Often times, many of us get way to disconnected and are way to arrogant. We no longer want to associate or give God credit for what He has given us In life.

And even when some of us fall on hard times and life become so harsh that we can’t bear It. Some of us still choose to dwell deeper Into our own destructive behaviors that got us their In the first place.. I’m sorry to say this, when you get to this point of rock bottom and If your attitude Is still one of “I don’t care” you might as well throw in the towel because you basically lost that caring spirit of love that God has given you. Your blatantly and bitterly telling God that His gifts are no longer useful In your life, and that you have received better gifts offering from elsewhere. From who? Satan?

God gave you His gift of Love to be used as a protective shield against Satan. Once that’s gone Satan has free reign over your heart and mind. What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul? For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? If you find yourself walking down this world’s view path, following all your heart desires, and not caring about people you use, or hurt to get your needs met, then you need to reassess yourself back into alignment with God’s plan for your life. No It’s not about you against the world, but It Is about time you listen to God calling you, for a higher purpose and plan than your mind can imagine.

It’s never to late to stop short-changing and short circuiting yourself, your financial life, or your  families life. Many people have lost their families, can’t maintain healthy relationships because they allow Satan to use their minds by seducing them with worldly ways. Satan loves having people believe that everyone Is against them, or that they are the next trend setters of the world, and everyone wants to copy their style. This is nothing but a delusion away from God’s creations. God created all of us In His image and Every good work and design comes from Him. God Is the author and creator of all the things In the earth and on the earth. He Is the alpha and the Omega!

If you’re not keeping up with God’s plan He has for your life than you may be following the world. Let see what does the world have to offer better than God? All you have to do Is watch your local news channels to find out. You may think your In control of your destiny and the choices you make, but In reality If your choosing to do what other non believers are doing to get ahead In life then It may be your worldly.

If you can’t stand God’s way of life, then basically your saying Satan’s ways are better for you. Whose your father? ” No man can serve to masters. He either loves ones and hates the other”.

” We should not worry about where our food, clothing, or shelter will come from.  Jesus states, ” haven’t I clothed the lilies in the field….? ” For greater Is he In me/you than anything In this world…”  People who choose to sabotage others for their own personal gain will have God’s vengeance and Karma to deal with .

Pray About … And Worry About Nothing!

Pray about… And Worry About ….!

A while back ago many moons ago Lisa realize her marriage was coming a part at the seams, right in front of her eyes. Her husband of more than eight years was going through a transformation beyond Lisa’s wildest imagination.  She supported him in every decision he made because she loved him dearly. She had faith in him that no matter what happened he was going  to support her emotionally and financially.

As time went on he quit his job. He did a great job at putting in extra effort to provide for his growing family after quitting his job. He worked in his family’s business for a couple of months to support his growing family. After he quit working with his family , all his work had been under the table, or in exchange for food. Lisa said “he hadn’t given her money in over eleven years, and now she  financially supports the family.  She’s explained,” that’s why she is fed up with him and the two things he has to offer her, his time and sex.”

If she puts any pressure on him to provide he’ll depend on local food banks, clothing closets, and shelters to provide him a place to eat and sleep. Lisa despises these homeless shelters at times because she feels that they  interfere with her husbands responsibilities for providing for his growing family. “He’s way too dependent on free programs for everything,” she feels.

After years of this, Lisa says “she fed up and wants her old husband back. The one that held his chest out with pride and was able to provide for his family. Not the one who is dependent on her, or food banks for everything. He hates Lisa because she does not agree with his new value system.”

Lisa had been going to church and praying to God about this situation for years and each year she sees her husband get more and more bitter and emotionally unattached to her. At this point many people are telling to leave him base on scripture. ” If a man doesn’t work he doesn’t eat.”  After reading it on her own she ask God to help. “God helped my marriage she prays.” God answered her prayers, but It wasn’t in the way she thought.

He helped her to become more of a sole financial provider for the family than she was before.  She complained, how she never signed up for this type of marriage. She became even more resentful and lost all respect for her husband. Throughout this transformation her husband kept reminding her that God does not want him to work, and that instead of her depending on him to provide for money, she needs to depend on God for it.

She really has no choice in this matter because her husbands attitude and behaviors began to seriously deteriorate. He started hanging out with the unemployed homeless men and had no problem telling her where he spent his time. He told her to “deal with it he is happier now than he’d been In a long time.  That’s when she knew that  a lot of  churches and shelters were in the business of not keeping families together. They are in the business of destroying and enabling families, she says. She still  prays for this man to turn his life around, but as long as he keeps getting  free handouts his family values are gone.

After  fourteen years of her praying and financially supporting her husband and children she became mentally and physically drained. She left, but her husband insisted on keeping their children with him. Although this did not make any sense to her, and to make matters worse their kids wanted this more than he did.  She decided to move on. As she stated earlier, ” That’s when she knew that some churches, shelters, and government agencies were not in the business of keeping families together. They were in the business of destroying and enabling families.” Lisa stills continues to pray for her family and others who have experience the same….

What’s your opinion?

What are some of the lessons Lisa learns?

What are her chances of attracting the same types Of men again?

What would you do?

Detecting Whose Who?

As soon as I realize that my struggles are not against people, but against people without bodies, called ” wicked spirits,” Identified as the Prince of Darkness who loves to keep our spirit’s irritated, upset, and unhappy.  I stopped taking personal attacks in my life made directly against me as serious.

I really don’t care to rehash my baggage check incidents but as usual it was an uplifting spiritual lesson for me. A Wow God moment! It was seven o’ clock. I was flying out of Los Angeles airport going to Sacramento no matter what I just wanted to get home rain, sleet, or hail. My flight had been delayed way to many times.

I am a morning person but my spirit loves the peace and quiet in the morning. As I got to the baggage check lined I observed the baggage check attendants behaviors towards all the customers a bit disturbing and a little intimidating . I notice one man being escorted out of the line into a tiny room for having something in his suitcase. When it was my turn to go through the metal detector went off.  I made a comment and the two guards  immediately questioned me.

” What did you just say in a police voice that shocks my quiet peaceful morning attitude out of me, says the two guards at the exact same time.”  My response is it’s-it must be my jewelery I got on that’s setting the metal detectors off. I felt violated at this point for talking it was nerve wrecking.

I went through the metal detectors the second time I was so upset I had to say a couple of prayers to calm my nerves that’s when I heard my holy spirit in me speak these exact words.

Your struggles are not really against the people who just offended you,  but against people without bodies, called ” wicked spirits,” Identified as the Prince of Darkness who loves to keep your spirit irritated and unhappy.  After I heard this revelation I immediately stopped taking this personal attack made directly against me so serious.

Now I realize sometimes I no longer have to open my mouth and waste my words on a person who chooses to act ignorantly towards me in my public, or in my private life. I can choose to walk away and talk to God about it instead. I find that nonverbal communication can be just as strong as venting ones verbal frustration.

Thank you Father for giving me the gift of your holy spirit without it I know I’m lost.

Don’t Hate…

People are put in our lives for many reasons and sometimes we need to love them even if they are thorns in our side. Jesus says,” It is easy to love a person who loves you back, but much harder to love your enemy“. We are supposed to love those who hate us. That’s right love them back to Christ whether you get along, or not. People need people.

Love them back to Christ…don’t hate them!  How can God‘s spirit possibly be a part of your being if you’re hating? Aren’t you suppose to be your brother‘s and/or sister’s keeper, and aren’t they suppose to be yours? Seriously when a person comes to you for your help what do you do?  If and elderly person needs a young persons help how do you respond? You can either ignore them, lead them into a ditch, leave them alone, or lead them back to God’s pathways.

Nowadays people develop relationships with an attitude of what can you give me, or do for me?  This is a very dangerous mindset, In my opinion, because you could be sacrificing the deepest love, or friendship you can ever imagine, If your  basing all your friendships by what a person can bring to your table. It’s a sad affair, or mindset to be In, because everyone loses at the end.

What’s a world filled with greedy people who only value friendships for their material gain? No man/woman is meant to be an island standing alone, all on their own. That’s why from time to time some of us need to go back and be reminded how people use to treat each other like their own brother’s, or sister’s.

Some of us have lost our touch, focus, and faith in what God will do for us through these new friendships we make.  May be some of us do need to go back to His original plan and purpose for our lives, instead of worrying about who will be our next benefactor in our new relationships.  God is your primary provider and benefactor… We all should seek Him and stop chasing after your own values so that our love life’s will become spiritually richer, then everything else will be added to you!

May be we all should take a moment to exam our hearts each time we meet a new friend to find out why we really want to befriend them in the first place. What are your thoughts?

More Changes? Transformation!

When God decides to make changes in your life it can mean great things are getting ready to occur even though you may not be feeling so great. You just have to move your I feel-ism feelings out-of-the-way and trust in Him to take care of your needs. Most of us are familiar with the famous bible scripture, “God will never leave you nor forsake you.” When you feel like your life’s comfort zone are changing call on the name of the LORD.  He is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.”  Proverbs 18:10.

Being in the dark about what’s happening to you is no fun at all, that’s why God’s wants you to see things from His perspective. His 20/20 visions keeps your mind eye’s from your blind spot, and helps you to feel strong and courageous.   Deuteronomy 3 1:6, Do not be afraid or terrified because of  change for the LORD your God is with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.

I still recall as if it were yesterday a major change in Sophia’s life.  She had a drug problem so bad that her drug habit came before everything in her life.  She stop caring about everything.  She lost everything also: her children, her house, her morals, and her job…  The only thing she had going for her was her belief in God, And if it wasn’t for her faith in God she would not had been able to overcome her drug addiction.  Many of us know without faith it is impossible  to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that He exists and that He rewards those who earnestly seek him.”  Hebrews 11:6  

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.” Proverb 3:5 then you will be ready when the storms come into your life.  A storm is nothing more than a blessing waiting to manifest in your life. A tree that’s planted by the water grows continually. Trees planted near water still go through stormy weather.  Storms are God’s way of cleaning  out your spiritual closet from all that emotional baggage that’s weighing you down. 

 When God’s ready to promote you some major life changes may have to be made.  O’God Create in me a clean heart, and make me into the person you want me to be.  Of course, you may be comfortable with the way things are in your life, or may be your ready for a change.  What ever your feelings are…don’t allow the three D’s, disappointment, depression, and discouragement to get you down. You can attempt to drag your feet, stand still, whine, and complain all you want, but God will still change you.  Change is Inevitable!  You may not want to go back to the way it use to be!

It could be a change in career move that has been weighing you down, or a change in a destructive relationship.  You can look at it as a loss, or as if you’re in between your blessings”, for what God is getting ready to do in your life.  You have to know and believe that God has already prepared you for this new change…. “He has prepared a table in the presence of your enemy’s and has anointed your head with oil.” In other words your already emotionally prepared to weather this storm. You just have to trust in God and start exercising your faith muscle. You don’t have to rely on your own understanding. You can depend on God to see you through. Change can be great, but change is never easy.  You fight to hold on, or you fight to let go… Continue reading