Really That’s The way Of The World…Worldly?

What good Is a person If they follow the world’s view-point on life only to gain tons of negative karma, In their old age, or when they could have been at the top of their game? No one can sabotage a person success faster than their own greed. Jesus replies, ” If you only knew the gifts God has for you … , you would ask me and I would give you… In others words pray and ask God for what ever you need first ,that way when you get It, you’ll know It was given to you by Him.

It belongs to Him anyway.  Everything created On earth belongs to God whether you want to believe It or not. You can take credit for your own design, but God gave you the idea, He gave you gifts of…, the talents to create…, to produce…, and design whatever your working on. Often times, many of us get way to disconnected and are way to arrogant. We no longer want to associate or give God credit for what He has given us In life.

And even when some of us fall on hard times and life become so harsh that we can’t bear It. Some of us still choose to dwell deeper Into our own destructive behaviors that got us their In the first place.. I’m sorry to say this, when you get to this point of rock bottom and If your attitude Is still one of “I don’t care” you might as well throw in the towel because you basically lost that caring spirit of love that God has given you. Your blatantly and bitterly telling God that His gifts are no longer useful In your life, and that you have received better gifts offering from elsewhere. From who? Satan?

God gave you His gift of Love to be used as a protective shield against Satan. Once that’s gone Satan has free reign over your heart and mind. What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul? For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? If you find yourself walking down this world’s view path, following all your heart desires, and not caring about people you use, or hurt to get your needs met, then you need to reassess yourself back into alignment with God’s plan for your life. No It’s not about you against the world, but It Is about time you listen to God calling you, for a higher purpose and plan than your mind can imagine.

It’s never to late to stop short-changing and short circuiting yourself, your financial life, or your  families life. Many people have lost their families, can’t maintain healthy relationships because they allow Satan to use their minds by seducing them with worldly ways. Satan loves having people believe that everyone Is against them, or that they are the next trend setters of the world, and everyone wants to copy their style. This is nothing but a delusion away from God’s creations. God created all of us In His image and Every good work and design comes from Him. God Is the author and creator of all the things In the earth and on the earth. He Is the alpha and the Omega!

If you’re not keeping up with God’s plan He has for your life than you may be following the world. Let see what does the world have to offer better than God? All you have to do Is watch your local news channels to find out. You may think your In control of your destiny and the choices you make, but In reality If your choosing to do what other non believers are doing to get ahead In life then It may be your worldly.

If you can’t stand God’s way of life, then basically your saying Satan’s ways are better for you. Whose your father? ” No man can serve to masters. He either loves ones and hates the other”.

” We should not worry about where our food, clothing, or shelter will come from.  Jesus states, ” haven’t I clothed the lilies in the field….? ” For greater Is he In me/you than anything In this world…”  People who choose to sabotage others for their own personal gain will have God’s vengeance and Karma to deal with .


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